E38 speed density tuning

Is it at any part of the rpm range or just anytime you go full throttle? If it all of a sudden drops when going full throttle I would assume an issues with your PE Equivalence ratio. Also what are you doing for a map sensor if you're running ITB? Attachments may only be downloaded by paid Gold members. Read more about becoming a Gold member here. I've just had a look at your calibration and on an initial look I can't see any obvious issue. Have you got some logs of the issue?

What happens when you make a change to the PE or VVE table at the point where it is currently going lean? What is the commanded AFR during a ramp run? Is this matching your PE table values? What happens to the injector pulse width when the AFR goes lean? With itb's the MAP signal isn't a great representation of engine load. This means that you have almost no resolution across half of the throttle opening.

It makes it impossible to achieve accurate mixture control throughout the throttle range. I questioned Harrop about this a few years back when I was involved in the itb project and they had no answers - I'll assume that most of the customers who are using the Harrop itb kit on a stock PCM put up with the inevitable downsides. You may find that your results are much better if you actually use the MAF sensor for your calibration. Is there any reason you've chosen to remove the MAF sensor?

What are you using to monitor AFR? What I can see from your log file is that the commanded AFR responds as expected. I can also see that the injector pulse width and injector duty cycle follow the sort of trend I'd expect to see as the rpm increases at WOT. Don't have an account? Register here. Please enter your details below to register for an account. This email is already in use. Sign in here. Already have an account? Discuss all things tuning in this section.

E38 speed density tuning

News, products, problems and results. Unresolved Threads. Page 1. SultanHP Sultan Hassan.The basic level Slope tuning is probably enough for most tuners to get their vehicles set up to a high specification.

You can edit vehicle subscriptions in your My Vehicles panel. Lets take care of that virtual volumetric table, in Outside of changing our tune to be MAF-only or VE-only Speed Densitywe need to tune both of these functions to correct the base fuel delivery.

Started by Bullit, Please call for harness package with programmed computer and pedal 95 […] If it is a C6 then I seriously doubt he's running a speed density based tune. Normally, the Mass air flow sensor MAF is used to do this job but on setups that draw in large amounts of air, or setups that have things like a rotated turbo-charger or a front mounted intercoolers, using the MAF sensor to calculate air Part 1 Basic Speed Density tuning and LOAD calculation In this guide we will explain the basics of Speed Density SD tuning and then go further into detail.

In addition, we show how to properly convert your existing calibration file to speed density operation. I have PAc springs Elgin sloppy stage 2 turbo cam, and snake eaters cc injectors. The only time I have had a problem was when I drove on a long trip and got over 10k ft elevation, I had a slight stumble in the truck. Make an offer! Not enough timing can cause loss of power, too much timing can cause detonation. I would need a new base put on it as I added a 4L80E, and it is set to speed density.

Try the E38 with it parametric VE table. We chose the 3-bar operating system with real-time tuning. The injector data given is based on manufacturer's BG Performance is your one stop tuning shop for all your Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, GM tuning needs, we offer complete tuning options for all to current models domestic and import. I even tried changing table Bopen loop normal command fuel in gear, but I keep getting Basically the same as e38 but more user friendly OS for tuning.

Trifecta Performance specializes in delivering custom powertrain control module PCM programming to the high performance community. I have found that the Impact table can be used to richen up the fueling, but unfortunately it appears to ocurr after the lean spot see E38 E67; Speed Density: Used for tuning engines with large camshafts for forced induction.

If you are ready to scale the MAF for more range. The ECM is a simple computer that runs software programs. The hot item The motor tries to start then has a hard miss fire and stops the motor like I have a flip flopped plug wire? Anybody in the rocklin Roseville area that can help out? Mark will be tuning it on the 14th of Nov I'm stumped Edit: iv tried starting on speed densitystill doesn't start but it May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.

View Details. If the driveshaft moves that voltage will vary and might not be adequate for thr GM ecu to read. I have the brake-torque area burn out of the Fuel Table pretty good.

I'm at work but I can give you step by step guides on Mazdaspeed tuning later. The wiring harness lengths are designed so you can mount the ECM under the dash. Ford uses a different knock system than Mazda. Injector Flow Data. If you have forgotten or lost your My Account password please click on the link below.

We do this to keep the E38 computer in tolerance so that they are easy to tune or require no tune at all. Not a huge hurdle, but something to know when considering a controller. On Sale.Lets take care of that virtual volumetric table, in this video we talk about the steps you need toThanks for the reply zerone. Tuning VE isn't that hard if you know First,let me start by saying I have NO professional experience tuning street cars and do NOT do these for a living tuning That said,I also know there are several 5.

E38 and E67 controllers are similar, although the E38 has two harness connectors and the E67 has three. In general if you hE Same basic capability as the E 58X, electronic throttle, LS2 connectors and integrated 6-speed automatic transmission control—but with a greater range of parameters and increased tuning flexibility.

Furthermore, two subtests from the German version of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale [79] were employed, the Digit Symbol Test to assess figural Early Fox Body Mustangs used a speed-density metering system from Flex Fuel upgrade E38, E67 and some other ECUs — customer must have sensor installed — 0 Operating system conversion speed density, boost upgrade, etc. V6 E38 ECM. N54 and N55 charge pipes, intakes and upgrades plus reviews2 Increase the effective speed of an air pump rpm 3 Optimize the gas flow for higher rpm band Cylinder heads, valves, cams, headers etc.

If it is tuned properly you will not have ANY problems. If you have a power adder, the intake and 87mm throttle body can take a backseat for a while longer. How low can we push the ST platform? The hot item The motor tries to start then has a hard miss fire and stops the motor like I have a flip flopped plug wire? Anybody in the rocklin Roseville area that can help out? Mark will be tuning it on the 14th of Nov I'm stumped Edit: iv tried starting on speed densitystill doesn't start but it May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let's discuss them and their specific applications or uses.

Actual product may vary. Not enough timing can cause loss of power, too much timing can cause detonation. ECU Tuning enthusiasts look for the latest and greatest software to tune their cars. We will then be presented with the following screen and selection. Speed density operation starts with the basic ideal gas law, which states the following relationship between gas air pressure, temperature and volume. I have PAc springs Elgin sloppy stage 2 turbo cam, and snake eaters cc injectors.

Flex-fuel engine injectors are a common upgrade, and good injector characterization numbers are available to maximize idle quality. Not a huge hurdle, but something to know when considering a controller.

Our stock harnesses are 4 feet from the rear of engine passenger side. We carry a great selection of software and parts to help you tune your BMW. View Details. I have and E67 in a FI application and it works fine on a maf tune you should only need to go to speed density if you are out of maf. Changing shift points, pressure, and playing with tq management will make biggest difference.

Since we're tuning for idle only, don't worry about anything above 1, RPM for now. A wideband O2 sensor is required for the tuning described in these procedures. We now know that the Bias tables in the two ECU's even though they show 2 Increase the effective speed of an air pump rpm 3 Optimize the gas flow for higher rpm band Cylinder heads, valves, cams, headers etc. Though there are retail items on our website, our main focus is "macro distribution" and working closely with top performance and tuner shops to bring them better deals and access brand new products at a wholesale price.

The basic level Slope tuning is probably enough for most tuners to get their vehicles set up to a high specification. The MAF sensor is located somewhere in the intake stream typically away from sharp bends and typically at least inches away from the throttle body however these rules are not always followed. This mode calculates the engine airflow based only off the intake air temp and manifold pressure. Part 4: Setting goals for your LS turbo project, whether it's an ET goal, a horsepower goal or just building a fun vehicle to "do burnouts and get ice cream" as Matt Happel with Sloppy Mechanics would say.

Please contact us if you have any questions on this! We are proud to celebrate our 16th year of providing tuning tools for GM engines!! RPM Mass air flow sensor equipped cars fuel either directly from or by a blended model of both mass air flow and speed density calculations. If you have any special request thats not listed sbove plesee contact me before purchasing.Remember Me? What's New? Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of August 13th, 1.

No more Excel, no more math software, you get to Edit a real VE table. These tables are very hard to work with in raw form until now. We have created 3 Virtual VE tables, 1bar, 2bar and 3bar actually, 2. Choose the VE table most suited to your application and edit away. Here is our stock Corvette VE coefficents - Not the nicest set of numbers to work with, but, this is what the VE table is calculated from.

So, as a simple demonstration, lets apply some smoothing to this VE table because it is a little bumpy in spots. Also, take note of the checkerboard shading showing you exactly the 30 zones, and as you click on each cell you are also shown the RPM, MAP, Zone and data value from the table. This feature will be released in V7.

Cheers, Ross. August 13th, 2. Good job Last edited by joecar; August 13th, at PM. August 13th, 3. That is really impressive. Well Done! August 13th, 4. Thanks carneb, I know you can appreciate the mathematical nightmare that sits behind all that Cheers, Ross.

August 13th, 5. Ecellent work guys this is going to make tuning even easier. August 13th, 6. Very cool guys!! Havent touched anything but my P10 yet, but I know just from reading everyone's been putting a TON of effort into this, so its always good to see the end result working so well.

August 13th, 7. Congrats to all!! August 13th, 8. Tuning Tools, Writeups, and Experiments. August 13th, 9. August 13th, Good timing!In the most basic terms, electronically controlled engines must be carefully calibrated to take advantage of engine modifications that affect airflow and fuel delivery requirements.

HP tuners E38/E67 PCM speed Density tuning

That is more imperative for forced-induction engines, which process significantly more air than a comparable, naturally aspirated engine—and do it under positive manifold pressure. The importance of accurate, pinpointed tuning changes all boils down to a central goal: optimizing fuel and spark throughout the RPM range and under all load conditions. Too little fuel leads to a lean condition that can lead to detonation, burned pistons, and worse. It can be a painstaking process with many adjustments.

Novices are advised not to experiment with their newly force-fed car, as incorrect tuning can quickly lead to expensive problems with an engine under boost. It is best to seek a knowledgeable tuner who uses an engine chassis dynamometer facility for accurate, safe tuning. WARNING: Do not start or drive a newly supercharged or turbocharged engine with higher-capacity fuel injectors if the controller is not programmed for them.

Of course, the entire reason for adding a supercharger or turbocharger is increasing the airflow through the engine. The factory engine-control systems of LS-powered vehicles ensure optimal combustion, based on a programmed set of engine parameters, including displacement, the size of the throttle body, the capacity of the fuel injectors, and even the specifications of the camshaft.

However, a few clicks of the keyboard are not the only way to produce great horsepower in a safe manner—the fuel system must support it. To ensure the engine receives the precise amount of fuel it needs to match the incoming air, the engine controller relies on an air-metering system. There are two basic types: mass airflow and speed density.

From the factory, LS-powered vehicles come with a mass airflow system. In the simplest explanation, mass air systems directly measure air, while speed density systems estimate it from a variety of inputs. Mass airflow systems use a sensor to provide a direct reading on airflow through the intake tube, ahead of the throttle body.

Basically, the sensor tells the controller how much air is entering the engine and the controller responds by matching that airflow with the appropriate amount of fuel. The boosted air charge of a force-inducted engine requires not only a matching increase in fuel, but the engine controller must be programmed with the specifications of the new parts in order to control the fuel delivery.

Inaccurate programming prevents the engine from performing to its full potential or, even worse, allows an unchecked lean condition that could damage the engine. One of the benefits of a mass airflow system is its ability to roll with certain airflow changes without major tuning alterations.Also, due to the fact that the 98 Vehicles do not report an OS ID, the histograms will not automatically enlarge for boosted regions.

You will need to create your own or load histograms from the saved folder. Pre-configured histograms for 98 2bar vehicles are located there. To apply the enhancement to your PCM please use the following procedure.

This process is not guaranteed to be safe. If an error occurs during writing of critical operating system components and the VCM is powered down, the VCM will become unrecoverable via software methods. You must populate this table for the engine to run at moderate speeds with the MAF enabled. Please note that although the table now extends up to Hz, the stock MAF may not function accurately at such high airflows nor may it be able to actually output such high frequencies accurately, you may need a differnt MAF or aftermarket unit to achieve this high range.

There are three new VE tables. The TPS Multiplier table can be useful for tuning large camshafts. Boost enrichment functions as per our other enhancements, with and enable MAP, hysteresis and Boost Enrich table. Boost enrichment also triggers open loop fuelling.

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