Voltron x reader sick

Ever since he realized he had a crush on you, all he wanted to go was get a hug from you. A nice, warm hug, loving the feeling of your arms around him. To him, you were safe. He could allow himself to truly be himself.

He could be vulnerable. He struggled with this feeling for weeks, not really sure how to deal with it other than just shoving the feeling down, deep down. But doing that required effort, and constantly thinking about it. He struggled until you came back from a mission, injured and terrified. You stood there next to the Green lion, thanking Pidge for saving you, holding your arm with a pained expression.

There was no blood, thankfully. As relief came crashing over him, Keith ran forward and hugged you. A hug from Keith was a little awkward.

Grounding [Shiro, Kuro, and Kuron x Reader]

He was stiff and shook a little, holding you tightly against his body. Without much of a second thought, you hugged him back. Keith did relax a little, and his body molded better against yours. It was almost like he was melting into you. In the end, Keith was right. You were just as warm as he thought. If anything, your hugs were better than he could have possibly imagined.

He was much more willing to hug you after that. In fact, he was usually the one to initiate them. Here it is…. Thank you and everyone else for the wonderful birthday wishes!

I had a great day and I had an amazing birthday pie! I am now 19 years old, and in more days I shall be two decades old. It was… okay. But yeah. That is all. See this in the app Show more.Especially you. He was the only one who knew about what happened on your mission, before the final attack on Zarkon.

Your boyfriend notices that you were still struggling, and so did everyone else. Little did they know that something else was going on.

Alas, Ren was overpowered, and Terra was triumphant, and an angsty Hunk fic was the product. Nice job, Terra, congratulations, Terra. Without question, Shiro let you lean on him. He looked down at your bicep, where the blackened snake bite was covered by your jacket. His heart ached for you; he was an older brother to you, and now you were going to be in a sick, weak state for the rest of your life. What about Pidge? He already knew the answer. You always hid your injuries to prevent others from worrying.

You averted your gaze. No one does. When he opened his mouth to speak, you held up a hand; you knew what he was going to say. I am the last thing any of them need to focus on during this war. Shiro sighed. This was a whole new level of difficult. Shiro was gone. Whilst they battled for the universe, you were down in the deeper parts of the castle, fixing everything that you could.

You were in a cold sweat the entire time, occasionally taking very short breaks to catch your breath.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me.

voltron x reader sick

The call of the black paladin echoed through the halls of the castle, reaching the female if was meant for easily. Here's the soup, be really careful, it's hot! With a smile, she walked over to the bundle and purred "I'm here my love, and don't worry, I have you're medicine and some soup made by none other than team Voltron's personal chief himself. Shiro, his face flushed from fever, grinned as he happily replied "You're amazing, I love you so muuucchh!

voltron x reader sick

Do you know how much I love yoou? Now sit up so you can take some medicine. Once it was all measured out, she brought the spoon over, Shiro obediently opening his mouth. No sooner than when it entered his mouth, Shiro gagged "Ugh!

Stars above that tastes terrible! Its not like I've taken it and could have told you it sucked. Her husband only chuckled, followed by a harsh cough that sounded painful.

She made sure to softly rub his back as he coughed, doing anything she could to help make him feel better. Once the coughing had subdued, she carefully grabbed the bowl that she set down. Holding it in her hands, she picked up the spoon and held a small spoon full of soup to her mouth "Here, eat. I'm your wife therefore it is my duty to spoil you and take care for you. So open wide!! Knowing how stubborn his wife was, Shiro opened his mouth, eating the soup without question.

Behind them, the door to the Black Paladins room opened, revealing Shiro's adopted brother Keith. But I did give him so medicine so fingers crossed it helps. Shiro, swallowing the current spoonful of soup, looked over at Keith "Don't get sick! The medicine tastes terrible! The medicine on earth is candy compared to that stuff! However I can't really control when I get sick.

Keith shrugged some "Oh just the normal stuff. And no Shiro, nothing had blown up yet. Is it because he did exactly what I would have done. Reaching over to take his hand, she asked "Still thinking about your request to him? About him becoming leader if something ever happened?

Her husband looked away from her, that motion enough telling her all she needed to know "Shiro. Just silence. Shiro coughed once more, his body jerking violently from the pain "Did I do wrongI am sorry my spanish is terrible, I took two online classes over the summer when I was in high-school.

I got a bunch of requests! I just gotta go to the dentist. He was holding some papers in his hands, smiling happily at them. You chucked as you got up and walked to his place on the couch. He always referred to you as amor, and it made your heart flutter You loved when he spoke Spanish, and want to learn it so you can speak it with his family. You both knew what was wrong, you and Keith pulled a prank on him. You both decided it would be funny to put red hair dye in his shampoo.

I was feeling really fluffy, I have requests I need to get to, but Shiro is my Bias and I want to do a full blown imagine of him :. Summary: Reader has been in toxic relationships and is broken by having her first fight with Shiro. It honestly made you nervous.

Everyone was in high spirits, Shiro was animatedly telling a tale of him and Matt during the Garrison days. All the paladins hung onto every word, Pidge and Keith were emotionally invested in his telling.

He said he was sorry. It was a nonverbal question, he wanted to know if everything was alright.


You smiled shaking off your placid expression and nodded trying to reassure him that you were fine. I apologized. Can we please just move on. Exhausted and distraught you made your way to your bedroom.


All your insecurities were sinking in. Could things ever work between you too? You changed into your pajamas and crawled into your bed before letting hot tears roll down your cheek, and letting out soft cries. The boyfriends who treated you like shit. There was a knock at your door. You looked at your clock it was second varga of the quintent. You sniffled, drying your face on your shirt before crawling out from the covers, to the door of your room.

You opened it slowly, looking up to find a tired Shiro in his pajamas. You felt terrible for having him up this late. You were wound up, your body language frantic and stressed.Originally posted by elentori-art. You only needed to do a little bit more convincing for Lance to take up the hardest part of the task. You sigh for what seems like the fifth time today. But, make it seem like the whole gang is gonna be there.

Lance remains unsure. No way. You sigh, and decide to employ your famous puppy eyes. For us. You wince a little, not having thought out this part of the plan. Lance grins, a bright, shit-eating one.

You were already dressed, and refreshed, ready for the tasks of today. He shakes himself from his self-pitying stupor and rolls out of bed, ready to start the day. He washes and dresses himself, leaving the comfort of his room for the mess of saving the universe.

The hallways were quiet, and he senses a distinct unease in the air. Keith frowns, and summons his bayard, activating it as he inches his way towards the dining hall. The halls are always noisy in the mornings when the other Paladins have their breakfast. He lets his bayard disappear, and gives them a look of confusion. Shiro comes up to him next and clasps his shoulder. My rival survives another year.

Allura comes up and wraps her arms around him, bringing him into the sweet scent of her cloud-soft hair. Keith struggles to keep a proper smile on his face and not just give her a confused look. Keith looks past her shoulder and sees the dining table straining under a ton of food. A cake stands tall and proud at the center, with his name decorated in red icing and two candles showing his age stuck in the middle.

He grows awkward once more, and rubs the back of his neck.

【 What’s Left Unsaid: Voltron Comic Dub 】Part 2

So, he celebrates with them, eating cake and forcing smiles, all the while trying not to think of you. Keith contemplates visiting you in the office, but Shiro gives him a task to set up the training bot for some Arusians who were training with Voltron for the day. He opens his mouth to argue, but Shiro is ridiculously adept at driving home his point.

voltron x reader sick

Keith clamps his mouth shut and goes on with the task. I completely forgot. I know you want to get to her, but give her some space for today. Keith recognizes an order when he hears one and nods, gritting his teeth. I have to meet Coran for a security update. Keith nods, and watches as Shiro leaves the room.

A tug on his pants leg makes him look down, and he sees an Arusian wielding a sword. The Arusian backs away, lifting his sword in a challenge and invitation. Keith loosens his shoulder and summons his bayard, the sword forming heavy and reassuring in his hand.

He needed to see you; he needed to know if you were okay.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Keith returns to the Castle of Lions after mysteriously taking a break from the Blades. The paladins don't know what is going on and they are faced with the truth when Keith collapses after training with Lance.

Galtean Princes AU where Keith and Lance meet under difficult circumstances, their relationship unsteady and dangerous for theirs and everybody's sake. Daibazaal and Altea are at war, but the two young leaders are willing to change that. Surely peace will come, but at what cost? After nearly sacraficing himself at Nacxela, a shaken Keith is assigned a new task by Kolivan: find out what Lotor's motives are, and determine whether or not he should be trusted. This doesn't turn out at all like he planned.

When Keith and Shiro's clone fight at the cloning facility, Keith gets more than just hurt. Over the next few months on their space journey back to Earth, Keith refuses to let the others know what happened. He quickly figures out that he was left with a little more than some scars, including a gift that he didn't ask for.

Coran had never seen Hanahaki Disease in humans before and had no idea how it would truly effect Keith. Keith had been looking forward to this day all week. He planned and prepped and made sure that the weather would be perfect, and he knew for a fact that this day was going to give him the best possible outcome ever.

Then, he woke up. Keith pries his gummed up eyes open and knows immediately something is off. Brain muddy, he struggles to recall where he is. Hunk was overreacting. It takes humans up to three weeks to actually starve to death. Besides, Keith had gone without eating before. His record was about thirty six hours, if he remembered correctly.Anyway, anon, I hope you feel better!!! You woke up late that morning, hair all disheveled, throat dry and stuffy, nose crusted over like a fresh-baked pastry.

You rubbed your temples, already recognizing the slight stabbing pain that was beginning to grow more apparent in your head.

You wrapped yourself in the warmest clothing you could find, twirling a fuzzy blanket over your shoulders as you made your way to the castles chill area. There, you found Keith, Pidge, and your boyfriend, Lance. You sighed and sat down next to the blue paladin, hugging the blanket closer to your frame. Lance eyed you and lifted an eyebrow simply. You could tell you looked disgusting the way his features twitched with worry. Jeez, even your voice sounded stuffed up.

You sniffled aggressively, refusing to make eye contact with the Cuban boy. This was embarrassing—how much of a turn-of could you become in one night? He frowned and scooted closer to you, wrapping his long arms over your frame.

You tried to pull away, looking at him with wide eyes. A fever. You sighed, a soft smile growing on your face.

voltron x reader sick

He stood up from his spot next to you and began making his way towards the kitchen. Pidge and Keith exchanged a glance before nodding with a shrug. They both shooed you out of the room as Lance went his own separate way. Stuck in bed was not how you wanted to spend your day. It would either be too hot, or too cold.

No in between!!!! You laid down on your bed, pursing your lips as the others left you alone. The dimly lit room allowed a wave of comfort to wash over you.


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